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Still Daddy’s Little Princess

Why beautiful women are pretentious & men are just plain stupid.

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Learn all the reasons why attractive women continually reject you and finally get the revenge you so rightfully deserve.

This life changing publication is a must for any male that wants to land the woman of his dreams but doesn’t posses the knowledge to do so. Be a man and do the right thing. Buy my damn book!!!

Watch Ryan In Action Bulk Up Your Toddlers

Punter Of The Week

Sexual Chocolate is renowned for getting their fans to party so hard that on most occasions they have no recollection of events that took place the previous night.

This is why we have decided to run the following section on our site. We are here to help paint a clearer picture of what really happened last Saturday night.  Enjoy!


We wanted to take the time to write to you and personally thank-you all for your great work at our wedding on December the first. As you may or may not have known we come from an Indian / Sri Lankan background, which entails a massive dancing culture, and one of the challenges when planning our wedding is what type of music is going to span well across 4 generations! .....read more

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