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Training with your kids

Despite what the 'experts' say, weight training can be incorporated into any age group especially new borns.

There are a few basic tips that can turn your blubby bubby in to a muscle bound baby that is sure to turn all the heads at those 1 year old parties.

1- Start the day off with a fruit tasting pre workout supplement (only half a scoop as this product greatly increase heart rate and is known to put grown men in hospital, oh and if they hallucinate this will gradually wear off). Now the work out begins

2- As soon as the baby can crawl this is a perfect time to start ab training. Lie the baby flat on its back and gently hold their feet down. Hold their milk bottle at their knees forcing them to 'sit up'. The baby grabs the bottle but here is the kicker. Instead of plain milk there will be 40 grams of protein powder the little tacker will be sucking down. Take the bottle off them after a sip and repeat until the bottle is gone  

3- Turn the baby on their front and as they crawl on their hands and knees, this position is perfect for 'half' push ups. Gently push their body till its flat on the ground. They will push themselves up, and before they crawl off repeat this again until they can do about 20. Tomorrow aim for 25 etc etc.

Its that easy. Stay tuned for more training tips and advice!