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My name is Louie Veleski and I’ve been a part of the music industry for over 27 years. Over this period I have performed over 3000 shows and rising. In 1996 I founded one of Melbourne’s most popular cover bands ‘Sexual Chocolate.

As a front man and lead singer, I understand the importance of entertaining a crowd. I believe that entertainment and an intimate connection with your audience accounts for 50% of the show.

Sexual Chocolate has the ability to adapt to any type of crowd and change the repertoire of music at a drop of a hat if required. This not only takes talent but years of experience which is something none of the band members lack.

Hi everyone Denna-Marie here. Female vocalist of SoSymphonic. One minute I was singing in a Karaoke joint and then fast forward 17 years later with many, many live shows in pubs, clubs, hotels, motels with some amazing (and not so amazing) musos. It’s been a ride indeed and it’s not over yet. Now here I am with two other brave souls taking on a new challenge. Challenge accepted! Enjoy!

My name is Ryan Di Cecco and I’ve been playing bass for around 14 years. As soon as I picked up my bass for the first time I knew this would be what I wanted to do as a career. I then studied Performance at Box Hill Institute of Music, where I met many great players and made life long friends.

I’ve been performing live as a permanent member and fill in for many of Australia’s top entertainment bands (both original and cover). This has allowed me to perform across the globe and in front of a variety of audiences. Having this diverse experience gives me the credentials to say that Sexual Chocolate provides world class entertainment second to none. The musicians I work alongside are the best in the business and Louie and Den who front the band are remembered for years after their performance.

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I started playing the drums at the age of 12 as my older brother(who was studying music at the VCA) wanted a drum kit to muck around on at home. After my first band “LSC” (Little Sick C#&t’s) reached its demise just 2 years later I was looking at taking my playing to the next level. I joined my first working band at the age of 16 and performed weekly doing weddings, Débutante balls (Girls were my age!!!) and Private functions.

After high school I completed a Diploma in Jazz and pop music at Box Hill and continued to develop my musical skill by doing fill in gig with various bands around Melbourne, which ultimately led me to my home in “Sexual Chocolate”. Since then I have been gigging with various band around Melbourne, Australia and the world while maintaining a demanding teaching schedule. But its always a good feeling to come get back and gig which “Sexual Chocolate”..(except for the Shakira thing..Seriously!)