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To Louie and the team,

We wanted to take the time to write to you and personally thank-you all for your great work at our wedding on December the first. As you may or may not have known we come from an Indian / Sri Lankan background, which entails a massive dancing culture, and one of the challenges when planning our wedding is what type of music is going to span well across 4 generations!

Sexual Choclate was not only able to get the the crowd, comprising of 330 people, up and dancing but you were also able to keep them going for the whole night. It actually got to the point where we had to change the drinks service program from table service to  roaming trays as nobody was sitting down.

The day following the wedding our parents phones and our personal phones were going ballistic. Many were to wish us well on the wedding again but about 90% of them complimented us on what a great party it was and we owe a huge part of that to you. Thank-you for being accommodating with the kids running on stage and for making our night easy and enjoyable.


Duane and Chantel D'Cunha